About the Owner & Designer

Hi, I’m Melissa and I run TEXTURE Invitation Design Co. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 11 years working in various areas of design, from branding to packaging to print. As is the case with many designers, I was asked to design a few invitations for friends & family and became so enamored with the process that I decided to open up a design studio solely focused on invitation design. I have a deep love for packaging and print design, and invitations to me are the “love-child” of both industries.

I like to think of an invitation suite as a whole package, not just as single pieces of paper stuffed in an envelope, but something layered, thought about in detail in regards to presentation and the experience created as it’s opened. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be created with paper! The world and its materials are at our disposal, beckoning for our creative uses!

“But Melissa, what if I don’t need a whole experiential invitation suite?” Never fear! No project is too small. I can design any printed piece you might need with the same attention to detail that a bigger project would require; be it a Save the Date, programs, letterheads, etc. Simply get in touch and let’s chat.

When not working, you can usually find me honing up on my drawing/painting skills, listening to various podcasts, or in the kitchen attempting to whip up a gourmet meal for my husband (but mainly for me, ha!). I also run a sister design studio for more general design offerings if you’re in need of those kinds of services | www.ampcreative.org